God is a Women 3 Piece Set for Women 3.40z EDP

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Discover a scent that's divine with the Ariana Grande God Is A Woman fragrance. Launched in 2021, this fragrance is a magnificent blend of unique and alluring notes, crafted meticulously for the modern, confident woman.

The top notes of this fragrance encapsulate the sweet freshness of pear and the subtle earthy undertones of Ambrette (musk mallow). This delightful opening is followed by heart notes that include the floral richness of Turkish rose and the powdery sweetness of orris, creating a mesmerizing heart that is both feminine and enchanting.

As the scent unfolds, you're greeted with warm base notes of Madagascar vanilla and sandalwood. The vanilla adds a touch of sweetness while the sandalwood imparts a creamy, woody depth, creating a captivating end to this olfactory journey. Together, these different notes weave an irresistible tapestry of scents that is both sophisticated and comforting.

The God Is A Woman fragrance is a testament to Ariana Grande's dedication to creating scents that are as dynamic and multi-faceted as the women who wear them. Encased in an elegant bottle and presented in a stylish gift box, this fragrance is as visually appealing as it is olfactory.

This Set Contains:

3.4oz Eau de Parfum + 3.4oz Body Souffle + 4.0oz Body Mist