Xerjoff Decas 3.4oz U EDP SPRAY

$ 160.00 $ 245.00

Experience the world of captivating scents with Xerjoff's Unisex 1861 Decas Eau De Parfum. Launched in 2021, this stunning fragrance is a unique blend of ingredients that delivers a mesmerizing aroma. Designed for both men and women, its unisex appeal makes it a versatile addition to any fragrance collection.

The top notes of this remarkable perfume are a harmonious fusion of Calabrian mandarin, tobacco, and tuberose. The citrusy freshness of Calabrian mandarin combines beautifully with the smoky sweetness of tobacco and the intense, floral aroma of tuberose. These distinct scents set the stage for an intoxicating olfactory experience.

As the fragrance unfolds, it reveals heart notes of Benzoin, Italian orris root, and Opoponax. Benzoin imparts a warm, vanilla-like aroma, while the orris root adds a touch of powdery sweetness. Opoponax, with its balsamic and sweet-spicy scent, further enriches the perfume's complexity.

Finally, the base notes of resin, bourbon vanilla, and musk round off this delightful fragrance. Resin contributes a rich, amber-like aroma while bourbon vanilla adds a sweet, cozy, and comforting scent. The musk adds a sensual, animalic touch, giving the fragrance a long-lasting finish that lingers on the skin.