Secrets Of Love Sensual By M. Micallef Eau De Parfum 2.5Oz For Unisex

$ 95.00 $ 225.00
Secrets of Love is the new collection designed and created by Martine Micallef.
Through this collection Martine wants to use mysterious keys to unveil the Secrets of Love. Fall in love with the Secrets of Love delicately contained in perfume bottles decorated with fine lines, assembled like little cages of love, luxuriously finished, containing fragrances of exquisite and seducing notes.

Close your eyes and be carried away with the keys to open the scented route to Love and Passion...

Elegant and timeless
The opulence of sandalwood! An exotic union with captivating fruity notes and jasmin, the  legendary
sensual ingredient, with the velvety finish, of patchouli. Entrancing!

Love is an intense feeling be SENSUAL